Masters of  Tilt-Up Construction

BBM Structural is the industry leader in tilt-up construction with a vast portfolio of over 400 single and multi-story projects, earning numerous national accolades in its 40-year history, reflecting our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and industry advancement.

Tilt-up construction has revolutionized the construction field in recent decades. This approach is now pivotal in the success of commercial construction, providing speed, cost-efficiency, durability, and architectural versatility. BBM Structural, a recognized tilt-up expert, is your trusted partner, offering expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality and safety, ensuring that clients in various industries realize their goals for successful projects.


The Rise of Tilt-Up Construction

In the world of commercial construction, the choice of construction methods can significantly impact project success. Tilt-up construction has emerged as a game-changer, offering a host of benefits that can streamline the building process, reduce costs, and ensure long-term durability. BBM Structural, a leader in the construction industry, has been at the forefront of utilizing tilt-up construction techniques to help clients across various industries achieve their goals for successful commercial construction projects. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the numerous advantages of tilt-up construction and how BBM Structural can be your partner in realizing your construction ambitions.

why BBM?

Your Partner for Successful Tilt-Up Construction Projects.

BBM Structural offers a comprehensive approach to assist clients in various industries with their construction projects. With a team of experienced professionals, we provide expertise in tilt-up construction methods tailored to each project’s needs, ensure seamless alignment of architectural and structural aspects, excel in project management, maintain a commitment to high-quality craft, incorporate sustainability initiatives, and prioritize safety throughout every project, making us a trusted partner in achieving successful construction goals.

Speed and Efficiency

Tilt-up construction’s exceptional speed and efficiency, with the capacity to cast multiple wall panels simultaneously, significantly reduces construction time, enabling businesses to commence operations swiftly.

Architectural Flexibility

Tilt-up construction frequently offers cost-effective benefits through efficient material usage and reduced labor expenses, an expertise BBM Structural consistently delivers across various industry sectors, including healthcare and educational projects.


Tilt-up construction’s use of locally sourced materials, waste reduction, and energy-efficient design align with green building principles, making it a sustainable choice that BBM Structural leverages to help clients meet their sustainability goals responsibly.

Give your project a
solid foundation.

With more than 800 projects completed and many more on the way, BBM is a leading engineering firm that can provide rich insight and efficient design solutions to buildings of any size and for any purpose. Our ample body of work is a testimony to our versatility and excellent industry relationships. We are proud to enrich the environment with accurate solutions that have long-lasting impact.

Structural engineering
is all we do…

The level of knowledge and expertise in structural engineering that BBM possesses stems from our exclusive attention to structural engineering matters. We believe tat our focused attention to structural engineering consulting allows us to see well beyond what most engineering firms can perceive in your project, and provides us with an edge in a highly demanding professional market.

and Experience

BBM Structural has designed sophisticated structural systems for everything from public and private commercial, industrial, educational and medical facilities to multi-million dollar vacation resorts and multi-family residential properties. All our engineers are board certified, and two of them, in addition to being PE’s, hold special SE licensing which is required by states located in seismic regions.

BBM is part of
our community

Through a variety of local initiatives, BBM is dedicated to enriching our community by giving back and getting involved with causes that drive our team. We are proud to help design projects that help sustain community values and positively enhance society. Thank you to our wonderful neighbors and partners for allowing us to realize your vision.

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