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With 40 years of industry-leading experience, BBM continues to provide high-performance engineering design, consulting, and specialized advisory services.


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At BBM Structural, we consistently exceed client expectations by pushing the boundaries of structural engineering. Our expertise transforms architects’ aesthetic visions into reality, helping clients achieve both commercial success and operational excellence. With a rich history of innovation and a reputation for combining imaginative thinking with practical solutions, our engineered buildings not only perform well over time but also contribute positively to society and the environment.


Established in 1984, BBM Structural Engineers, Inc. has offices in Orlando and Boca Raton, FL, and proudly delivers high-quality structural engineering services to clients across Florida, the southeast, and the Caribbean.

Awards & Honors

BBM has received numerous awards and special recognitions, celebrating their exceptional structural expertise, with particular acclaim for their innovative use of tilt-up construction.

  • 2008 ‘Distinguished Engineer of the Year’ by the Tilt-up Concrete Association




Dominating Tilt-Up Design

BBM Structural stands as a prominent force in award-winning tilt-up structural design, leading the industry with expertise demonstrated across hundreds of single and multi-story tilt projects, many of which have received prestigious national awards from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association due to their fusion of functionality and modern design.

Efficient Solutions

Our team delivers solutions that are intelligent, and easy for your team to implement.

Elevated Skillset

Thanks to decades of experience, we have become a trusted partner to hundreds of leading companies in Florida and beyond.

Timely Service

Expect our work to always be accurate and on time, with a faster-than-most turnaround and the highest quality of service.

technology innovation

Cutting-edge technology for better project outcomes.

BBM has enjoyed an extremely diverse clientele who have come to expect optimum designs and quick resolutions to all design challenges. We are familiar with all building systems utilized today, which allows the firm to provide the most efficient design adapted to the structure’s requirements and the budget constraints ever-present in today’s marketplace. BBM effectively approaches projects in this manner by incorporating three-dimensional analysis and design options with state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology. The marriage of these systems allows for early detection of adverse and sometimes expensive design considerations and makes possible an early, value-engineered approach.

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With more than 800 projects completed and many more on the way, BBM is a leading engineering firm that can provide rich insight and efficient design solutions to buildings of any size and for any purpose. Our ample body of work is a testimony to our versatility and excellent industry relationships. We are proud to enrich the environment with accurate solutions that have long-lasting impact.

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is all we do…

The level of knowledge and expertise in structural engineering that BBM possesses stems from our exclusive attention to structural engineering matters. We believe tat our focused attention to structural engineering consulting allows us to see well beyond what most engineering firms can perceive in your project, and provides us with an edge in a highly demanding professional market.

and Experience

BBM Structural has designed sophisticated structural systems for everything from public and private commercial, industrial, educational and medical facilities to multi-million dollar vacation resorts and multi-family residential properties. All our engineers are board certified, and two of them, in addition to being PE’s, hold special SE licensing which is required by states located in seismic regions.

BBM is part of
our community

Through a variety of local initiatives, BBM is dedicated to enriching our community by giving back and getting involved with causes that drive our team. We are proud to help design projects that help sustain community values and positively enhance society. Thank you to our wonderful neighbors and partners for allowing us to realize your vision.


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Get in touch with our team of structural design and engineering experts to start discussing your specific project needs, to devise a strategic long-term solution for your project. Through our careful attention and creative solutions, we can address a variety of typically unforeseen problems and work with all parties in the design and construction teams to ensure smooth, safe, and reliable consulting solutions.