Community Impact: Nurturing Education Through Collaborative Discussions

BBM’s structural engineers focus on designing structurally sound buildings that can foster productive environments while incorporating modern and innovative elements from the fantastic architects we collaborate with. Close to our hearts is applying this expertise to educational facilities, which house some of the most valuable members of our communities—our children.

For this reason, we enjoy sitting down and speaking one-on-one with the educational leaders in our area to understand what drives them and apply that insight in our workrooms. Recently, we had another excellent and productive lunch meeting with an educational leader, Dr. Mark Shanoff, the Osceola School District superintendent. As a distinguished educational expert with a multifaceted career in the field, we relished the opportunity to get to know the needs of his district.

Along with some delicious Kissimmee BBQ that accompanied us, we could discern what inspires Dr. Shanoff and continue to align our goals more closely to benefit our communities. As Dr. Shanoff himself has expressed: “Education is a transformative journey, and I am committed to ensuring that every Osceola school provides an innovative and high-quality learning experience for all.” As a team, we take pride in having an active role in shaping the future of our cities by creating suitable spaces that foster the development of young minds.

We look forward to more amazing projects with the entire Florida School System and beyond.Learn more about BBM’s current community initiatives in our News section.