Community Impact: Empowering the Workforce Through Skills

(Photo: Michael Rudd of Michael Rudd & Associates, a fellow advisory board member of SkillsUSA and Luis Bedoya.)

Luis Bedoya, Principal at BBM Structural, recently served as a judge at the SkillsUSA Regional Drafting Competition on February 15th at the South Campus of Orange Technical College. This event was particularly meaningful for Luis, as he himself graduated from the architectural drafting program at Orange Technical College in 1994.

As an Orange County Public Schools Orange Technical College Mid-Florida Tech Advisory Board member, Luis was honored to participate as a judge at the competition. SkillsUSA Florida, a partnership of students, teachers, and industry professionals, ensures that America’s workforce possesses the technical, personal, and workplace skills necessary for success.

Drafting, the art of producing technical drawings and plans, is pivotal across numerous industries. Utilizing specialized software, drafters transform the concepts of architects and engineers into meticulously detailed technical drawings. These drawings serve as indispensable tools throughout the design process, contributing to creating a wide array of structures and products, ranging from microchips to towering skyscrapers.

BBM Structural understands the significance of nurturing and empowering the next generation of skilled workers and leaders. SkillsUSA’s mission resonates with our values, as it strives to empower its members to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens by honing personal, workplace, and technical skills.

With a growing demand for a skilled workforce in Florida to drive global innovation and economic growth, initiatives like SkillsUSA are more vital than ever. The widening skills gap poses challenges for employers seeking applicants with the requisite skills for today’s workplace, leaving hundreds of thousands of jobs vacant yearly.

BBM Structural is committed to bridging this workforce skills gap by supporting initiatives like SkillsUSA. We recognize the importance of equipping young students with the skills they need to thrive in adulthood. It is both a privilege and our responsibility to contribute to initiatives that shape lives and support the future generations of Floridians.

Luis Bedoya’s involvement in SkillsUSA underscores the value of these skills and our dedication to community engagement. His journey from student to industry professional mirrors BBM Structural’s commitment to supporting our communities and empowering future leaders. connected with our stories, visit our News section. Thank you for joining us in striving towards a world of longer, healthier lives. Together, we’re making a difference!