Community Impact: BBM Structural Visits With Seminole County Public Schools and Their Future Innovators

BBM Structural has enjoyed several beautiful collaborations with the Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS). It was an honor to receive an invitation to tour the Robotics & Biomechatronics Labs at Markham Woods Middle School, where we had the pleasure of engaging in insightful conversations over lunch with Serita Beamon, Superintendent of SCPS, and witnessing the incredible work accomplished in these innovative spaces.

BBM Partner Luis Bedoya, accompanied by Associate Karen Petersen, expressed their awe, noting, “It was very interesting, impressive, and inspirational to see what these kids can do!” This sentiment captures the essence of our experience as we delved into the impactful Biomechatronics Program offered at Markham Woods Middle School.

“It was very interesting, impressive, and inspirational to see what these kids can do!”


The Biomechatronics Program is a beacon of opportunity for all Markham Woods Middle School students. It blends biology, mechanical engineering, and electronics to explore and design therapeutic, assistive, and diagnostic devices. The focus is creating solutions to compensate for and eventually replace human physiological functions. The program opens doors to high-paying and in-demand careers while preparing students for the challenges of high school. Participants acquire design thinking and problem-solving skills, addressing global issues with computational thinking, robotics, design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and anatomy as part of their curriculum.

A unique aspect of the program is the Biomechatronics Capstone, which students with a heightened interest can apply for. In this signature course, students work collaboratively in an incubator setting to solve real-world problems provided by corporate sponsors. The students employ problem-solving and design-thinking strategies to develop 3D-printed biomechatronic prototypes, ranging from artificial spines to prostheses. Throughout the course, they learn from field experts, and the experience culminates in presentations to a panel for their final grade.

The Seminole County Public Schools has provided essential tools such as 3D printers and robotics equipment through the resources of the SCPS Foundation. These resources empower students with hands-on experiences, fostering a passion for innovation and learning. BBM Structural is proud to be part of this impactful initiative and to support the next generation of engineers and innovators by applying our structural engineering expertise to many of these institutions for learning.

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