Correctional Projects

Completed Correctional Projects

Department of Defense, Naval Brig Expansion, Consolidated Naval Weapons Station

Goose Creek (Charleston), SC
Completed: 2012

Department of Children & Families, Civil Commitment Center for Sexually Violent Predators

DeSoto County (Arcadia), FL
Completed: 2008

Evaluation and Treatment Center

Montgomery County, TX
Completed: 2011

New Hanover County Correctional Center

Wilmington, NC
Completed: 2002

Department of Defense, Special Housing Facility & Secure Communications Facility (GITMO)

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Completed: 2005

Correctional Facility Expansion

St. Lucie County, FL
Completed: 2006

Glades Correctional Facility

Moore Haven, FL
Completed: 2008

New Prison Facility & Phase II Expansion

Graceville, FL
Completed: 2007 / 2009